Mission and Values

"Building Families on the Word."

Worship: God and His glory are at the center of what we do. Our mission is to minister to Him. We believe that the worship of God is the first purpose of the church and we exist to lift God up. We worship through prayer and song. We worship through the continual attendance to his Word in our life and service.

Fellowship: The church is a community. It is like a family. Our purpose is to follow the pattern of Jesus. 1 John 4:20 tells us that loving God means loving people. We believe that the church is a place where friendships are formed and experiences are shared. We provide opportunities for fellowship through activities, around regular services, and during the week.

Discipleship: Disciples are followers. The last command of Jesus was to make followers. We believe it is our mission to pass the truths of God's Word to others. Studying and teaching the Bible in a small study, or one on one mentorship are two of the ways we fulfill this mission. We strive to grow the followers of Christ and give them the tools to reach others through discipleship.