What to know for your first time at CVBC:
How long is our service? Our Morning gathering time is centered around the Bible and typically lasts a little over an hour.
What about the kids? Child care is available for 5 and under, while a service tailored for grade school children runs during service times. Families begin the service together. CVBC kids are signaled to move to their own worship service after the music.
What is a service at CVBC like? We share a love for music from each generation of Christianity. Our worship song lineup includes a mixture of great songs from the past and present that we sing together with a slight gospel tilt that is signature to our little community. Each Service is centered around preaching and teaching the good news of God's Word. The Bible and its truth is the focus of our messages.
How do I dress for a service? From cowboys to businessmen, people come to church in a lot of different styles. There is no uniform necessary to come to CVBC. We are excited to welcome each of you!